About us

We are one of the leading companies which has been a successful machinery manufacturer for a number of years and our name-plates can be found on machinery around the world. Our IAF logo has already become a trade mark in the field of industrial machinery production.

Our quality security system complies with the ASME Code. All highly-valuable products have been made in accordance with the stated quality requirements.
The IAF company sets its own, highest quality-related standards. Not only those components which have been produced internally but also those technologies that have been purchased from us, relating to drives, measuring and regulation, as well as the advanced technical components, must all meet the highest requirements and only the best and well-known suppliers are taken into consideration when it comes to our machinery. Demanding clients are our satisfied customers.




AD 2000-HP0 / HP 100 R



EN ISO 3834-3 / TR 201


TÜV Österreich

TÜV Wien (quality category I, gemäß ÖNORM M7812) Nr. HR/034/06


TUV Croatia

HR EN ISO 3834-3


actual surface area of the drive: 7.753m2
constructed surface area: 1871 m2
warehouse surface area: 200 m2
size / production hall I: 878 m2
size / production hall II: 400 m2
size / production hall III: 300 m2
office surface area: 93 m2
employees: 15 associates


2 x overhead traveling crane Abus 16 MP
2 x overhead traveling crane Abus 10 MP
1 x overhead traveling crane Abus 3.2 MP
Plasma cutting device CUTi 51 (lim 50 mm)
CNC bending machine DAVI MCB 2535 (lim 35 mm)
Bending machine IMCAR SIH 19/4 (lim 19 mm)
Bending machine HESSE 1060 (lim 6 mm)
Bending machine Abkantpresse VÖEST 200/4 (200 tonnes of pressure)
Ring bending machine Henri Pels 60/15
Circular saw Metora Ø 400 cut diameter
CNC processing centre TOS WHQ 13.8
CNC processing centre TOS WHQ 105
CNC turning machine WNC 300 S Wöest Alpine
Turning machine Pernik 3000/400 mm
Column-type drilling machine MWM – MK4
Welding machines Fronius
Stacker truck DAEWOO - capacity 7 tonnes
Stacker truck LINDE - capacity 1.6 tonnes